Baek Ya (White Night) Eng Sub Korean Gay Movie



  1. Elizabeth says:

    all I expected was gay but all I got was conflicted feelings/

  2. Izar 17 says:

    A very dramatic movie. I forgot that there was a concept of sexy times here…

  3. Cosmic Jun Kie says:

    404 the video cant plau at certain country. Please fix this

  4. Celestial Lasiez says:

    Wow, this is my first Korean BL/gay film (well, completely Korean; I watched “The Depth” a few days ago and it’s a Japanese-Korean collaboration film -it’s REALLY good!). I’ve only ever watched Japanese BL films (and on occasion American gay films). J-BL films tend to have awkward and cheesy acting, and little to no sexy scenes. So I always felt awkward watching live-action BL. The only good J-BL films I’ve seen are “Junjou Pure Heart” and the yaoi manga live-action adaptation “Doushitemo Furetakuni”. So, seeing this film is like I entered a whole new world. “Baek Ya” made me realize that the acting of the actors in a film is what inspires and decides the emotion that the viewing audience will feel as they watch the film. Will they feel awkward and embarrassed, or will they feel immersed and captivated. I was so used to feeling awkward and embarrassed when I watched J-BL films because that’s the emotion the actors inspired. The actors in “Baek Ya” were so good at portraying their characters’ story that I felt like I was witnessing the complicated rendezvous of a complicated relationship; it felt really real. Taejun was madly in love with Wongyu, but Wongyu was running away. Wongyu in his heart was holding onto a Korean love he couldn’t have (the crippled guy), which made him feel conflicted about accepting Taejun’s love -though he wanted to. Wongyu lived as a tortured soul blaming himself for what happened to the crippled guy, and Taejun set him free. The ending was an open ending, but I know Taejun turned around and went after Wongyu -only this time, I believe Wongyu waited for him. 10/10

  5. sound says:

    i clicked outside of the little arrow on accident on that displayed on the movie took me to porn LOOL becareful just letting people out there know. click in the arrow ur still remain on this sight although the film is taking from that actual site click off i wish u luck where every ur watching.

  6. sound says:

    AHHHHH~ this film quite like it not the greatest i have seen but its worth the watch i love the how gradual yet how realistic the emotions were and how it began to change as this film went on. The ending is as if it is trying to please the view but at the same time not giving u a hidden look of the reality that they face. i personally understand what the director was going for but what i give him my support is that he didnt keep it as ur common ending as if there would be no hope but gave us a shimmer of hope
    and love at the end. What i loved more was the One night stand guy i love the symbolic play in words and scene how towards the end he achieved what he had said in the beginning to make it real. to him it didnt matter the room or if it was a stall or not it mattered the meaning behind the act to him. and towards the end i loved how the main character pulled thorugh and showed his emotions like i said he did well in riding the emotion rollercoaster and beat it with a smile on his face.

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